maia (maroonmd) wrote,

Dr. Visit

Shibakiei came over so I could run out to the store and pick up a few things for the Z. monster. I had nothing but "Apple Juice" on the B.R.A.T. diet here. Plus a new thermometer, since the old one finally died... Safeway only had ONE thermometer, which was Hello Kitty, and I paid out the ass for the branding. Feh.

Zoe was very sad and cuddly, so we all lay down and watched the Care Bears Halloween Special. Then, Zoe started wheezing, and couldn't take a deep breath without feeling sick to her stomach... When your 5 year old utters the phrases "I want to go to bed" and "I want to go to the doctor," you know it's bad.

Paul got home shortly after. He and Shibakiei took her to the doctor... Motherfuckin' upper respiratory infection. *sigh*

Now that P. is home, and I know Z. is OK, I can finally sit down and relax work. e_e

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