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My dad and I were discussing language the other day, an were reminded of this:

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We were also reminded of another author who, in a sort-of tribute to this, successfully used only the words "there," "their," and "they're" to make a complete paragraph (tongue-in-cheek). We can't remember the author though! & we can't find it anywhere. Anyone else recollect this?
I am smiling

Where the WIld Things Are

I'm getting really tired of hearing that this movie is not for children. It certainly isn't only for children, but it's absolutely child-appropriate.

This movie has layers, complexity, and symbolism. Yes, it does manage to reach out to the adults in the audience, and bring them to a place of introspection... the inner child certainly is reflected onscreen. & There are some concepts that will go way over a child's head, but not anything inappropriate for a child to see.
Further, even though those are present, a child can still relate to the characters, playfulness and emotions represented. It's not at all unlike what a child's imagination might conjure.

The main character, a boy named Max, does have some strong emotions and is exploring how to express those emotions. Is this what has everyone's panties in a bunch? Did I miss the memo where parenting forbids emotional discourse?

Every child has experienced the basic emotions represented in this movie- anger, sadness, joy. I mean, a full range of emotion is kind of ideal for a little human. Just because they're not all happy emotions, doesn't make it child-inappropriate. In fact, I think it makes it more appropriate. Dim-witted comedy/action does not have to be the only genre for children. Give your child some credit, and go see this movie with them.
Bondage Bear

The short version

As noted previously, we took a Family vacation to the Shanendoah Valley.

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There was also a Carnival going on. Zoe decided that it was a day to practice bravery, and went on ALL the rides. Lucky for her, she was just barely tall enough to make that happen. It was a success, too. She loved all the rides... until the Octopus:

While we were standing in line, I thought this one might be out of her league. We watched as the first group went up and around, spinning wildly. We heard the screams. She looked a little apprehensive.
Me: "We don't have to go on this ride, if you don't want to. It's okay to change your mind."
Zoe: "No. I want to go."
Me: "Okay... you just look a little scared already."
Zoe: *looking determined* "I am. But I want to go anyway."

I couldn't have been more proud of that statement! So, we boarded the Octopus...

And I never saw so much terror come out of such a little body. >_< Every muscle tightened, she was holding onto the bar for dear life, and she was screaming uncontrollably.

Luckily, the Carnival engineer noticed, and stopped after the first go round to ask if she wanted off. Zoe said: "Yeah... I'll try this again when I'm older."

Obviously, she's fine. I think her reaction may have scarred me, more than the ride did her. o.O

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Picture Day, Insallment 2: Moe-Moe!

This past Sunday we took Zoe to Salami_Salome's house to meet Moe-Moe the bunny! I never knew bunnies could make such awesome pets, 'til I met this little dude. He's so cool. :)

First, here's some video of Moe-Moe. I suggest you turn the sound off, as there is some Zoe-screeching in the background that's likely to make your ears bleed if you don't. ;)

This is Moe_Moe:

Click the picture for the whole set, or...
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YAY! Good times.